Wine Tasting - Cigar Tasting

The wine and spirits trail brings people closer; it is a way of life that if you have not discover it yet, it’s worth learning it and dare to taste it.

Wine tasting is now a tradition in the “Karonis wine shop”, in groups of 20-25 people from all around the world. Comparative tasting of Greek wine varieties and ouzo, tsipouro, whisky and all kinds of spirits.

There is also a possibility to choose among five hundred Greek labels and two hundred foreign ones, as well as many aged Greek wines dating since 1990 and foreign wines since 1987.

Finally, the “Karonis wine shop” is one of the rare places in Greece where you can smoke and compare HABANOS cigars.

Try a trip that will open your heart! “And wine makes glad a mom’s heart” in the wine shop, in the spirits’ space-time.










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