The town of Nafplion was the first capital of the newly liberated Greece before Athens after the war of independence.

Nafplion has been occupied by many conquerors including the Byzantines, the Venetians , the Franks and the Ottomans. Each phase of history has left its own architecture and history and makes Nafplion a fascinating historical point on the Greek map.

There are three castles in the old city of Nafplio, the Palamidi which towers above the town, the Bourtzi in the harbour and the Acronafplia castle above the old town.

It is possible to visit the church of St. Spyridon where Kapodistria was executed, one of the museums (the archaelogical museum, the folklore museum or the military museum), take a train ride around the town on a sightseeing tour, visit the Bavarian Lion carved from the rock or visit one of the other many historical monuments of the town.

Wandering along the narrow streets with their Venetian balconies is a passtime enjoyed by many, as is sitting on the harbour or in the main square (Syntagma Square) enjoying a coffee or a drink.

Combine your visit to Karonis Wineshop with some or all of the above or visit one of the seaside resorts closeby of Tolo, Drepano, Candia, Vivari and Iria.


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